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Yes this was very helpfull, makes me relise where I need to revise more thanks.
Afzal - North Wales - December 2018

I found this a great help as it make you go through your text book to research the answers and the more you do this the more it all makes sense and also this get you to recognise the way the exam questions are worded.
Mark Smith - Maldon - March 2018

This test was too easy I think practice tests should try to be a little harder than the real thing. I feel this was had relevant questions but needed a few harder ones added.
Thanks anyway regards Mehmet Ramadan - Ashford, Kent - May 2017

This second test was harder and better than the first. If it is similar to a real test then it would have been a great help. Thanks.
Mehmet Ramadan - Ashford, Kent - May 2017

These tests are very helpful thanks Mehmet.
Mehmet Ramadan - Ashford, Kent - April 2017

These questions and answers I find to be very helpful. Thanks.
NA McLeod - Enfield - February 2017

This is a great way of learning and I feel confident about going for my city & guild pat testing I would recommend this to any on of doing the course. A big thank you to all of you.
Michael Adami - High Wycombe - April 2016

its really help me a lots of question which i have bit confused but now i quit sure about the answers really
Mubashar - Harrow - October 2014

answers help is very useful
Kashmir Singh - Leicester - August 2013

Excellent. Glad I found it. Sitting it for real in a couple of weeks so this was very useful. Thanks. :)
John Bremner - Glasgow - June 2012

Thanks for that! Ran through the other 2 papers this morning and in the exam I got 100% in 5 sections, and 90% in the remaining 3. Your papers were of immense help! Thanks once again! Kindest regards.

Excellent value, and great help.
D.M. N.Ireland

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