How Does It Work:

To access the papers you first need to register an account. All that is needed is your email address and a password. Please note: The email address must be the email address you use with Paypal or use with Paypal when you make the order. You dont need a Paypal account.

When you register for an account you will recieve an email with a link to verify your email address. Click the link and your account will be verified.

Then you need to log in with your email address and password in the log in area on the top left of the navigation.

Once logged in you will then see that each paper can be purchased.

Simply click the Buy Now button and pay with Paypal. If your purchase is successful you will then have immediate access to the papers when you look at the list of papers. If you have paid for the paper you will see that there is a hyper link associated with it. Click the link and do the tests as many times as you want.

Once you have purchased your papers the link should look like this:

I Didnt Get My Verification Email:

When you sign up for an account, if you dont get your verification email then please call 07745466608 or email enquiries@bycon.co.uk and we will verify the account for you.

Can I use a Hotmail email account?:

Yes. But you probably wont get the verification email and so will need to verify by phone 07745 466608. However, once you have verified your account there will be no issues as the purchase process is not dependent on email communications. You can also log in with hotmail accounts without an issue once its verified. Its just getting past the verification stage thats the hassle.

Brought Papers With The Old System?:

If you purchased papers using the old system where you were send a username and password for each paper, you can still access these papers, but you will need to contact us first. Please register an account with the email address you used to purchase the papers and then let us know that you want to transfer your old papers tot he new system. You can do that by email or phone.

This is a manual process currently and will only be required through the transition to the new system.


There are no refunds on orders that have been sent out. If your user name and password has been sent out then we will not refund your money, regardless of whether you received it. It is very easy for people to lie about having not received their details. If you have not received your user names and passwords then contact us. If you paid by e-cheque and have not been issues with your username and password then we will refund your money if required.

Your Not Responding To My E-mails:

Occasionally we find that our e-mails are being returned undelivered. There are many reasons for that, however, either way it might look as though you are being ignored. This is not the case. If all we have is your e-mail and its being returned undelivered, possibly because your mail box is full then we have no other way of getting in touch with you. If you do not hear from us please call on 07745 466608 for immediate assistance. Unfortunately we do not make outgoing calls ourselves. At the time of writing (the reason for this FAQ) we are having problems with an old freeserve account. The mail to this account is being returned undelivered, and we dont know why. However, as you can imagine, considering Freeserve was brought out many years ago now, its quite an old account and so not surprising. So please make sure your e-mail accounts are working.


If you need to contact us we have a special number for billing enquiries: 07745 466608. You can also e-mail us on billing@bycon.co.uk. For academic questions and enquiries regarding any of the actual questions please contact enquiries@bycon.co.uk.

Queries Regarding Questions

For academic questions and enquiries regarding any of the actual questions please contact enquiries@bycon.co.uk.

Can I Buy All Of The Questions?

Currently not, but we are working on making a range of bulk packages available.

Can I Publish the Questions So My Friends Can Get In For Free And People I Dont Know?

No you cant. People that publish our product usernames and passwords will be dealt with through legal channels.

Can I Share My Passwords With My Friends and Colleagues?

No you cant. Purchase of our test papers assumes a single user licence arrangement for use by 1 person only.

How long do the passwords last?

The use of the username and password for each paper is valid for a year. During that period you are still eligible for support and replacement passwords if they have been changed. However, after a year if you have lost your password you will have to buy another one. If your current password is over a year old it should still work but we dont gaurantee that the paper and questions will still be relevent as we change the papers around as syllabus content changes.

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E-mail: enquiries@bycon.co.uk
All reproduction of exam paper content including usernames and passwords expressly forbidden - Violators will be prosecuted
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