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1 - From Paper 41 - List three reasons why it could be time to carry out a periodic inspection and test within domestic premises:
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2 - From Paper 42 - Give three examples of situations where rcd protection may be required:
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3 - From Paper 43 - Electronic equipment located within an electrical panel in an industrial environment is seen to be affected by transient voltage ‘spikes’.
a) What are the possible causes?
b) Describe one way to rectify the fault:
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4 - From Paper 44 - A circuit has been in operation for many years but on carrying out a periodic inspection the continuity reading of (R1 + R2) is found to have become high. Give two possible reasons why this might have occurred and how you would carry out locating and rectifying the fault:
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5 - From Paper 45 - What is the motor speed of a 4 pole 50Hz motor, in rpm, if the slip is 3.5%?:
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6 - From Paper 46 - A capacitor of reactance 16Ω is connected in series with an 8Ω resistor across a 200V supply. Calculate (a) the circuit impedance, (b) the current flowing, and (c) the power factor:
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